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Every year humans build thousands of new roads, rails, airports and buildings. Much of this wrecks the environment, and prevent animals from living in their natural habitats. Yet, that is exactly why some kind people have decided to put their talents and industry to better use. Here are 13 wonderfully kind creations, invented with no other purpose in mind than the well-being of Mother Earth’s most delightful animals.

[1]  This bridge is just for forest creatures, Canada.


This road tears through the beautiful Banff National Park. But thanks to someone’s heartfelt brain wave, a bridge has been built to allow forest critters to pass from one side to the other, should the fancy take them.


[2] These feeders have been made for hummingbirds, USA.

These feeders are colored in red because birds seek the color as a sign of nectar. Instead, they get an even more nutritious treat from the kind-hearted residents of Georgia.


[3] These railway tunnels are for turtles, Japan.

Train wheels were doing so much harm to little turtles in Japan, that the West Japan Railway realized something had to be done. These tunnels are a handy solution. Frankly, who cares how much money and hard work went into this concept, it was definitely worth it!


[4]. These apartment complexes are for birds, London.

Instead of building traditional birds’ houses, Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson decided to give everyone’s favorite winged buddies a taste of modern living with these plush complexes.


[5] This tunnel leads animals under a fast highway, Finland.

Because of the lighting offered in these excellent tunnels, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, any creature can make use of a safe passage beneath the onrushing traffic above. How nice!

[6]This vending machine provides food to homeless animals, China.

Every time someone inserts a plastic bottle into this Pugedon made vending machine, 20g of pet food is released for any lucky animal in the vicinity. It combines two necessary things: recycling and caring for animals. We have to bring this idea to the West.

[7] This sign indicates an airport just for birds, Lithuania.

This sign means ‘airport for the birds’ and was set up as part of Vilnius city’s campaign to make tiny road signs for various cultural purposes. This one helps remind people that there are other important creatures using their city too.

[8] This bridge helps crabs migrate, Australia.

Christmas Island is the site of a tremendous buzz of activity, as millions of crabs migrate there annually. This bridge is merely a small part of the government’s efforts to accommodate the wonder.

[9] These zebra crossings are for hedgehogs, Lithuania.

Another one of Lithuania’s tiny signs helps remind people that hedgehogs and other little animals also use our roads. 

[10] This pool is for elephants, Japan.

At the foot of Mount Fuji lie some very jolly and lucky elephants. The Japanese have built a 65-meter long swimming people for the great beasts to enjoy during the hot and humid summer months.

[11] This ranch is just for cats, USA.

This is actually much more than a simple ranch. Built in 2003 by Craig Grant, Caboodle Ranch stretches out over 40 acres, containing a city mall, mills, and some very quaint houses. The 500 cats here really have a great time.

[12] These towpaths are for ducks, UK.

The Canal & River Trust put these duck markings down beside the hundreds of winding canals that wend their way around Britain. They serve as a cute reminder to eager cyclists that ducks need a bit of space too

[13]These parking spots at IKEA are for dogs, Germany.

These dog bays are such a good idea. Many dogs don’t want to be stuck in a hot car waiting for us to finish our shopping. Instead, at IKEA they can enjoy a soft bed and plenty of fresh water. Plus a few friends for company, on busy days.

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